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Resolve to Evolve Services

Our Services Are Evolutionary!

Our CEO, Nikki L. Garry, offers motivational and inspirational keynotes as well as cutting edge training and development and group coaching - to help and inspire people to evolve into the best versions of themselves!

Our services are described as “amazing; beneficial; dynamic; effective; energetic; engaging; impactful; informative; inspiring; life-changing; meaningful, memorable, passionate; practical; supportive; upbeat; valuable!”

Some of our group facilitation and training topics include, but are not limited to:

Financial Literacy Topics

Banking; Bootstrapping; Budgeting; Credit; Debt Elimination; Decision Making; Financial Abuse; Financial Statements; Goal Setting; Investing/Retirement; Savings; and more!


“I wanted to let you know that my husband and I are still using the envelope method for our spending.  We have paid off all of our credit card debt, are continuing to tithe and already have the funds for our son’s junior year of college in a savings account!!  The blessings that we have witnessed since being able to tithe on a continuous basis are amazing.  (After we had been tithing for about 6 months, our son received an additional $7,000 in scholarship funds per year for his years that he will be at Western Illinois!)  What you taught me in the class truly changed our lives and I wanted you to know that.” (G.D.)

 “Nikki did an outstanding job in her Budgeting for Life class.  She was able to take a topic that many find intimidating and break it down to make sense at a very basic level.  Her class easily provided the tools needed to successfully budget your finances.”  (A.J.)

“This was an amazing class.  I came with expectation to learn how to budget, manage my money, and learn how to make my money work for me.  I was well informed and am anxious to begin to apply what I have learned.  The instructor was excellent, exciting, and passionate about the course.”  (G.M.)

“Finances have always caused me such overwhelm, stress and shame that I shut down and avoid dealing with it (despite knowing I need help).  Just after the first tele-meeting with you, Nikki, I can see past the blinding fear and frustration to a clear path for gaining understanding, and some control over my finances.  It actually seems fun!”  (M.C.)

“Ms. Garry's approach to engaging students and her energy are amazing.  She breaks the information down to the students in a manner in which they can understand, process, and retain the information.  She has the students captivated with her high energy from the very beginning. She makes the presentation fun and inviting for the students to be able to comment and give input.  She spoke at several DPS schools this Fall and I've gotten emails from other teachers asking can she present in their classes too!  For teachers to voluntarily to give up instructional time is a big deal so you know the feedback from their counterparts must've been very good.”  (A.G.)

Personal & Professional Development Topics

Accounting for Non-Accountants (Finance for Non-Financial Managers); Communicating Effectively; Conflict Resolution; Delegating and Empowering Others; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Employment Law; Interviewing Skills; Performance Management and Appraisals; Principles of Leadership; Respect and Professional in the Workplace; Supervisor Essentials; Unconscious Biases; Working with Difficult People; and more!


“Interactive, fun, accurate, well organized.  Nikki was an outstanding instructor.  Content was relevant, informative, helpful.  Most everything that was covered is able to be used in my daily life, both at work and at home.  I look forward to more.”  (Q.G.)

“Very involving and extremely helpful.  Nikki was by far the best training instructor I've ever had.  She was funny and personable and make sure everyone was involved and comfortable.  She truly is an ambassador for her profession.”  (D.J.)

“Nikki was very engaging and personal with us, and this made the training more interesting and empowered us to learn the material.  It was really thoughtful of Nikki to remember people's names from the last training she did, and her willingness to use her own personal examples was relatable.”  (J.W.)

“I attended a Finance for Non-Financial Managers course that she facilitated yesterday.  She was full of energy and did an excellent job with what could have been a dry topic.  I felt like I learned some basics and that my time was well spent.”  (C.S.)

Stewardship Topics

Charitable Contributions; Leadership Essentials; Non-Profit Financial Statements; Tithes and Offerings; and more!


“The Finance Seminar that you gave, Nikki, opened my mind to new ways of thinking concerning how I viewed money.  As you took us throughout the Bible it allowed us to understand what God's will is concerning our finances and how we are to be good stewards of what he gave us.  For me that helped to identify beliefs that were learned through life experiences but [were] not biblically sound.  We were given practical applications to further help us to understand how we should manage our money; budget; become debt free; and ultimately grow our money.  It was taught in a way that was very entertaining and left you hungry for more.  I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is looking for a change in their finances.  Change first starts in the mind and this seminar is an outstanding foundation to build upon.  Thank you again for sharing with us!!"  (T.D.)

“Anyone and everyone can benefit from Nikki Garry’s Freedom Financial Session.  She taught from both a spiritual and natural aspect.  She gave biblical principles on how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and how to maintain being prosperous by honoring God in tithes and offerings.  The session exceeded my expectation.  As a business owner, I learned how to apply the principles given to my business to make an immediate impact.  I have a new understanding of my own influence; in gathering so much that I will not only use for myself but to better my organization.  I can make my money work for me, as it is “my money that matters!””  (D.R.)

“The Financial Freedom series…has been a tremendous blessing to me & my family.  The lessons have been invaluable and will lead my family into wealth for generations to come.  I am so grateful for the constant support, energy, raw but loving truth, & Biblical teaching.  Thank you so much Nikki Garry for your humble service to help transform the lives of generations!”  (N.C.)

“Nikki Garry conducted a Financial Freedom Session in our church this past December.  This session was very insightful.  It made absolute sense in terms of principles regarding tithing, offerings, and staying debt free.  Nikki did a great job in providing actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application.  The information given has helped me achieve my goals.  I now have the tools to better identify opportunities to manage my money, stay ahead, and remain blessed.  This session was very well done with very useful information delivered in an excellent manner.  I would highly recommend Nikki Garry to speak with anyone that is interested in improving in their personal finances and/or in growing their businesses.”  (Y.R.)

Other Details

Sessions vary from 30min minimum to full day and multiple day trainings. Sessions can be held on-site (at the organization’s office or another designated location) or virtually, via Zoom. All services and packages are customized; therefore, pricing varies.


Please contact for more information. Please contact us for more information.

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